Eyeglass Frames for Your Facial Shape

Eyeglasses today have created a trend all of their own ... finally!  Thanks to designers like Kate Spade, Prada, Anne Klein, Lafont, Nine West, Skechers, Candies and Peachtree, eyeglass frames for your facial shape are simply très chic.

We all want to look our very best whether exercising, working in the corporate world, or in a casual environment.  Whatever our lifestyle may be, having the right eye frames that will compliment our face is important.  Common problems like glasses slipping down your nose and not tucking properly behind the ears can be corrected easily enough.  What's most important in choosing the right frame is knowing what the correct shape of your face really is. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting reading or permanent eye glasses that offer all of the above as well as flatter the shape of your face. Click on your face shape below to see what styles will definitely make you look the very best you can be.

Heart-Shaped - Your face broadens from chin to forehead so, you should add width to your chin to give balance to your face.  

Oval Shaped - You were born under a lucky star as your facial shape is naturally proportioned.  Any frame will look good on you.  The most popular, of which, is square or rectangle.

Round Shaped - Your shape is curvy and lacks the angles of the others so, geometric frames will add more distinct lines to create a balance.

Square Shaped -  Your face is very angular because the width and length are proportional.  The right style will help soften those lines.


St. Patrick's Day Recipe Ideas

You don't have to be Irish to love St. Patrick's Day, and it's a festive occasion for sure.  What's not to love about corned beef and cabbage but, there are a lot of other staple recipes the Irish are noted for you're certain to fall in love with.

Mini Shepard's Pie

Originally known as cottage pie back as far as 1791. The recipe called for using the potato, which was the greatest friend to the poor back then.  They made their crust from potatoes and filled it with any sort of meat that might be available, mostly leftover mutton or beef. It's said that the original crust was not mashed potatoes but sliced potatoes laid in an overlapping pattern, like the roof of a cottage. Hence the name, cottage pie. The name Shepherd's Pie came about in the late 1800's.

Irish Boxty Pancakes

Boxty, meaning "Poor Man's Bread" was a popular dish of the Irish that consisted of finely grated, raw potato and mashed potato with flour, baking soda, buttermilk and sometimes egg.

These potato pancakes are moist and tender on the inside, yet ultra crispy on the outside.

A boxty is a wonderful platform for your favorite fillings and can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Unlike England where bread was made in Bakeries The Irish
 felt it was a housewife's job.  Her all purpose cast iron Dutch oven like pot they called a "Bastible " was better suited for soda bread, which hung over a fire on a crane, as opposed to the Brick ovens that were used to bake the yeast breads in Europe. also you could set a Bastible on top of the embers of the fire and a few coals on top of the indented lid.  

Although the Irish didn't invent Soda Bread it is most often identified with them. The "soft wheat" is the only suitable flour that can grow in Ireland's climate, and when mixed like a traditional dough it doesn't form any gluten like a traditional yeast bread, it does work well with a soda bread recipe. The cross on the soda bread has several explanations, Legend has it that folks did it to "let the devil out" while it's baking for good luck, and others say that it made it easy to divide into 4 pieces.

Because the Irish were poor, they wasted nothing and made this recipe using up their leftovers.  It mostly consisted of layers of sliced pork sausage and rashers (thinly sliced back bacon) with sliced potatoes, onions, barley and depending on the family, a wee bit of Guinness was added to the pot.  It was an easy to prepare recipe and considered as comfort food in Ireland.  Because it was inexpensive, it was easy to prepare and often eaten during the winter months. 

Curds were once an important part of the Irish diet, and were also useful for paying the rent. Recipes
for this delicately flavored cheesecake are found in several eighteenth century"receipt" books.

The cake is light, fluffy and mouth-watering.


What 2014 Brides Need To Know

Planning for a wedding can prove to be quite the mind-boggling experience.  There’s a lot to consider from choosing invitations, locating a venue, picking out flowers and cake designs, finding “the dress,” and figuring out which guests to sit where.  The last thing a bride is going to want to contend with is what tax issues she needs to address after walking down the aisle.  We all know, taxes are one thing we just can’t ignore … as much as we would like to. 

Getting married means major changes in every bride’s life.  If you can address them right from the very beginning, you won’t have to deal with significant upsets later on.

Here are some basic issues you may not be aware of that will need attention.

What’s Your Name?

The number one culprit that holds up a tax refund from being issued is that the name does not match what’s on record from the prior year at the Social Security Administration.  Should you decide to take the name of your spouse, or hyphenate your name with his, you must report it to the SSA.  You can do so by calling 800-772-1213 or obtaining the Form SS-5 online at www.ssa.gov.

Your Tax Withholding Form

If you and your spouse both work, your combined incomes could possibly move you into a higher tax bracket PLUS, you need to change your status with your employer and file a new W-4 Form.  The IRS provides a withholding calculator to help calculate your withholding tax at www.irs.gov.

Address Change

Who needs to be informed?  Don’t forget to contact the postal service.  They make it easy online at usps.com.  Let’s not forget the IRS as well.  Form 8822, change of address can be found by clicking here.

New Filing Status

You can file either jointly or separately each year.  Figuring the status both ways, will help determine the lowest tax result suited for you.  And, if you’re married as of Dec. 31, that’s your status for the whole year for tax purposes.

For those same-sex married couples, you file as married on your federal turn for those states that recognize the union legally.  It also holds true should you move later on to a state that does not recognize same-sex marriage.  For more information, go to www.irs.gov. or call 800-829-3676.
Tax Credits to Consider

If you receive advance payment of the premium tax credit in 2014, it is important that you report changes in circumstances, such as changes in your income or family size, to your Health Insurance Marketplace. You should also notify the Marketplace when you move out of the area covered by your current Marketplace plan. Advance payments of the premium tax credit provide financial assistance to help you pay for the insurance you buy through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Reporting changes will help you get the proper type and amount of financial assistance so you can avoid getting too much or too little in advance.


Easy No Yeast Bread

I have made this bread every week since I discovered it on Pinterest provided by Dine & Dish and it is to die for!  You'll see from the ingredients below it doesn't take much to throw it altogether.  The only thing I changed was using 1/2 stick of butter because a full stick was just way too much and eliminating 1 teaspoon of salt.  The outside will come out crunchy and insides soft and tender.  Other than that ladies enjoy, because it is scrumdillyisicious!


3 cups flour
3 teaspoons baking powder
1/4 cup granulated sugar (I used natural)
1 12 ounce can of beer
1/2 stick of butter

Preheat over to 375, blend the dry ingredients thoroughly, add the beer and mix until everything is mixed.  Place into a well oiled loaf pan, then add your melted evenly on top.  Bake for 1 hour, may need a little longer until color matches the photo.  I had to go an additional 15 minutes.


30 Love Messages to Share With Your Partner

Whether you’re in a serious relationship or have been married for a few years, it’s important to remember that everyone likes to be reminded how important they are to you.  With Valentine’s Day just a short week away, take a few moments to let the one you love know exactly how you feel.

If you’re not a person who knows how to put it into words … not to worry … here are some great suggestions you can text, email, write on a post-it, print on a notepad, tuck in a bottle, slip in an envelope every day leading up to that special day.  I guarantee your partner will love the effort and attention you put into it.

  •  I catch myself smiling, then realize I’m thinking of you.
  • You make me laugh and bring joy into my life.
  • I love you beyond words.
  • I wish you could see yourself through my eyes & realize how special you are.
  • Can't wait to come home to you.
  • You bring out the best in me.
  • Thank you for loving the person I am.
  • You give the word LOVE meaning.
  • Hands downs, I simply adore you.
  • Wish I could have found you sooner so that I could have loved you even longer.
  • The way you look at me makes me tingle inside.
  • The world stops when you kiss me sweetheart.
  • Love was just a word until you showed me its meaning.
  • Being with you is like the best dream ever.
  • You're my reason to smile.
  • Wanna get naked together later?
  • You inspire me to be better for us.
  • If you call in sick, I'll play the doctor.
  • Luck is having you in my life.
  • I need a kiss, and a hug and to snuggle under the covers ... naked.
  • I will always need you beside me.
  • Loving you is all I need.
  • I'll love you until the day after forever.
  • You're the best thing in life to hold onto.
  • You stir up those feelings inside me people write in novels.
  • It feels good to think about you when we're apart.
  • We're really good at being really good together.
  • Cuddling with you would be perfect right now.
  • My first thought this morning was of you.
  • I wanna feel you all over honey ... got an hour or two?




DIY Valentine Gift For Him or Her

Create that one special Valentine Gift
I'm all about being unique and different when showing that special person in my life that they truly matter.  Any one can go to a store and purchase a gift.  When you take the time to put something together, it expresses a whole different meaning.  Show your unique someone this Valentine's Day how much you truly care with a gift idea you create that is customized for them and filled with items they like.  The message will be clear ... you know them ... you're observant ... you pay attention and you care enough to take that extra step.

Be creative with your jars.  I found great apothecary jars at Pottery Barn  and don't forget the home decor section at TJ Maxx and Marshall's who always have great containers marked down.

If your guy has a mustache, fill it with grooming tools and a certificate to his favorite barber or Salon.

If she loves being pampered, why not create a mini-pedi in a jar.

Winter has been brutal this year and something with the feel of "COZY" is a great idea when you fill it with a pair of soft socks, warm gloves, a coffee mug that expresses your love and maybe a gift certificate to your favorite restaurant that offers fireside seating.

Of course, you can always add a bauble hidden inside the mix as well as an added surprise.

The possibilities are endless.  Be creative!  Your Valentine will love it.


Myths vs Truth about Taxes

I Don’t Have To Pay Taxes If I’m Unemployed
Mistakes Can Cost You Money
If you’re receiving benefits from your state unemployment office, they are considered income and need to be reported on your tax return.  You should receive a Form 1099-G showing what you were paid and any taxes that were withheld.

If I File an Extension, I Have Extra Time To Pay
Filing an extension by April 15th simply avoids late filing penalties, if you file a return by October 15th.  You still need to estimate the amount you’ll owe and pay at least 90% of it by the April 15th deadline though.  If you don’t, you’ll be hit with a failure to pay penalty of 0.5% each month until the balance is paid.

All Gifts Are Considered Charitable Contributions
Sorry to say, that’s not necessarily true.  If this holiday season you gift a family member some cash, you can’t claim it as a charitable contribution.  Only those given to qualified exempt institutions can be deducted on your tax return. You can see what organizations are eligible by checking this helpful IRS aid. 

My Last Paycheck Stub Can Be Used When Filing A Return
The IRS requires you to have Form W-2 when filing your return. You can use your last pay stub to estimate your tax refund, or what you may owe to get an idea.  An official document will be needed, however, for filing.  Your employer should provide a W-2 by January 31, and no later.