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Myths vs Truth about Taxes

I Don’t Have To Pay Taxes If I’m Unemployed
Mistakes Can Cost You Money
If you’re receiving benefits from your state unemployment office, they are considered income and need to be reported on your tax return.  You should receive a Form 1099-G showing what you were paid and any taxes that were withheld.

If I File an Extension, I Have Extra Time To Pay
Filing an extension by April 15th simply avoids late filing penalties, if you file a return by October 15th.  You still need to estimate the amount you’ll owe and pay at least 90% of it by the April 15th deadline though.  If you don’t, you’ll be hit with a failure to pay penalty of 0.5% each month until the balance is paid.

All Gifts Are Considered Charitable Contributions
Sorry to say, that’s not necessarily true.  If this holiday season you gift a family member some cash, you can’t claim it as a charitable contribution.  Only those given to qualified exempt institutions can be deducted on your tax return. You can see what organizations are eligible by checking this helpful IRS aid. 

My Last Paycheck Stub Can Be Used When Filing A Return
The IRS requires you to have Form W-2 when filing your return. You can use your last pay stub to estimate your tax refund, or what you may owe to get an idea.  An official document will be needed, however, for filing.  Your employer should provide a W-2 by January 31, and no later. 


5 Easy Tips for Lasting Curls

When I was in high school back in the early seventies … lord … I’m dating myself here ladies!  Long hair was in, and let’s face it, it ALWAYS will be.  You have to admit that men love touching it, playing with it, they think it’s sexy, and yes, it does make us feel seductive too when it’s cooperating. 

We had a trick back then we kind of stole from our grandmothers to make our hair curly, and it actually worked!  Back in the good ole’ days, 1930’s to be exact, women did not have products like shampoo, conditioner and styling sprays.  Instead, they used soap every other week.  Look at photos from that time period.  It’s amazing!  Their hair was still just as clean, shiny and beautiful.  Okay.  I’m getting off the beaten path here.  Even though my hair is shorter now, I still live by this trick, because it works no matter what length your hair is.

The #1 tip here is Bobby Pins.  The best advice ever!  Guaranteed, your curls will last.  Just roll a strand around your finger (not too terribly thick) and fasten close to your head with a bobby pin.  When your entire head is covered, mist with hair spray, leave for 30 minutes, and then remove them one by one.  When the time is up, just run your fingers through your hair, mist lightly again with spray and, Wallah!  You’ll have bouncy curls to last all day.  You might want to take a day though when you’re not going out and experiment with the look you desire.    

Tip #2 -  If you don’t want curls around the crown of your head, begin twirling from the top of your ear down, leaving the crown straight.  Hairdresser’s will agree, always begin from the top and work down … way easier and more controllable.

Tip #3 – Need to see a visual.  I found this great video on YouTube for a wet application you’ll find easy to follow, if you just want to curl the ends of your hair.  

Tip #4 – You’ve probably already figured out that your hair holds a style so much better when you haven’t washed your hair for a few days, right?  Not washing your hair may not be the solution.  How you cleanse your hair is more important than how often you don’t.  Using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type is key.  If you’re not certain, ask your stylist.

Tip #5 – Curls won’t hold, if the condition of your hair is poor.  Damaged and split ends will make it harder to curl your hair and they’ll look even more prominent because the ends are uneven.  Make sure you get a professional cut every 6 – 8 weeks to keep your hair healthy and the best shape ever.


Are We a Society That Does Not Care?

In today’s culture, it’s pretty darn evident that chivalry and etiquette has almost become a thing of the past.  People occupy your space with rudeness, drivers are inconsiderate and downright dangerous, young adults are oblivious to those around them and lack manners, phone users have loud conversations in public places, there’s a lack of personal responsibility in using common facilities, people ignore the elderly or others in need of assistance, and on and on.  Have we become a society that does not care?

Whatever happened to manners, professional courtesy, being polite, having respect for your elders, giving assistance to those in need and showing good old-fashioned hospitality in the home or at the office? 

Is it simply a question of upbringing, whether it’s relevant or not in a particular situation, a lack of effort, being overworked and underpaid, or simply, we just do not care and give a damn?
What I’ve come to realize, and tell me if I’m wrong, our standards began to change within the last decade.  Middle Americans I think have simply been pushed to the edge.  When you look at some facts, it’s easy to understand why.  

Since 2008 the national unemployment rate has always fluctuated around 6%, and that equals around 9 million without jobs on a regular yearly basis … not at all small potatoes by any means! Gas prices since 2005 rose from around $1.59 steadily to well over $4.00 in 2014. Major food and household items on the Consumer Price Index have also risen dramatically over the past decade.  

Cancer has become big business. As thousands upon thousands of our loved ones get sick and die, billions is supported by International bankers, CEO's of major corporations and drug companies to gain control over the medical system to keep the truth from us that natural and holistic prevention works!  They continue getting richer while they keep a stronger hold on government leaders to support their control by backing their re-elections.
Outrageous health care costs have forced companies to eliminate coverage to their employees.  A quarter of U.S. workers receive no paid vacation or holiday time and sadly, less than half of lower-paid hourly wage workers get a paid vacation.  According to CBS News, most private companies offer 10 days of paid vacation and six paid holidays per year. That is markedly less than what employees in Europe receive. France has the most generous vacation policy, mandating a minimum of 30 paid days off per year. The U.K. comes in at No. 2, at 28 vacation days, followed by Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden (25 days).

We’ve placed our faith in a system that’s supposed to work.  We keep re-electing officials over and over again, who we believe will represent us and make life better, easier and safer.  However, the gap between our members in the State and Congress and most Americans has disgustingly gotten more outrageous.  They have become their own “Millionaires Club.”  Our lawmakers are on average nine times richer than most of us, half of which are worth more than one million dollars.  The longer they stay in office, the more powerful and richer they become.

Am I making excuses for our own poor behavior?  Maybe a little.  We all have breaking points.  When every day is a struggle and you feel like a hamster on a wheel going nowhere, it’s understandable why most find it hard to be hopeful, happy and caring.  What do you think?