Chalkboard Ideas For The Home

Every child has that need inside of them to scribble on a wall.  Now here's a great idea for all you moms out there with "little graffiti" artists just itching to turn one of your walls into a masterful piece of art.

You can either find a chalkboard fit to size, or, there's chalkboard paint available at Home Depot, Lowe's, and any store that carries Benjamin Moore Paint for like under $15.

Here are some helpful hints I found at Benjamin Moore's website:

Step #1: Prepare the Surface
Once you've selected the space for your chalkboard, clean the surface completely and repair any protruding nails or other imperfections. Some surfaces may require a primer or additional preparation:
Step #2: Tape Off the Area to Be Painted
Use painter's tape to mark off a space for your chalkboard.
Step #3: Apply the Chalkboard Paint
Using a brush or roller, apply the chalkboard paint within the taped-off area. For best results, use a Benjamin Moore custom-blended nylon/polyester brush or short-nap roller.
Step #4: Ensure Lasting Durability
For best results, allow the painted area to cure for 3 days before using it as a chalkboard. Then, prior to initial use, rub the entire surface with a piece of white chalk.
Helpful Hints:
  • For erasing, we recommend using a clean, damp cloth or paper towel. We do not recommend using a chalkboard eraser.
  • Because of the additives used in some varieties of chalk, which can leave a residue when erased, we recommend using light-colored chalk designed for use on chalkboards.
Ideas for Using Chalkboard Paint:
  • Use decorative molding or a colorful painted border to give your chalkboard area an extra personal touch.
  • Attach a ledge at the bottom of the painted space to hold your chalk.
  • In children's rooms, be sure to make your chalkboard low and large enough so that younger children can reach it and have ample space to write or draw.
  • In your office or study, paint a chalkboard calendar with squares for dates. Then update your schedule whenever you like.
  • Try a chalkboard in the kitchen for shopping lists, phone messages, and easy recipe reference.
  • Think beyond your walls—use chalkboard paint on a child's table, flower pots, or colorful storage boxes.


Awesome Flower Planters & Window Box Ideas

Flower Planters & Window Boxes
I just love Pinterest ... talk about a plethora of great ideas and do-it-yourself projects.  Now that Summer is upon us, and if you're a flower nut like me, I'd like to share some of the greatest flower planter and window box projects I've come across on this fabulously, ingenious social media platform.

Stop on over and stay a spell at http://www.pinterest.com/thegirlzkorner/planters-window-boxes/


Collection of Strawberry Shortcake Recipes

Strawberry Shortcake yummmmmmmmmm.  Love it.  Crave it often and all about sharing the kudos when I find something I know my visitors will love.  So, hats off to yourhomebasedmom.com http://www.yourhomebasedmom.com/strawberry-shortcake-roundup/ for creating a conundrum of recipes in one spot.  You have made me one very happy lady.  There is something for every tastebud from the old strawberry shortcake standby to parfaits, rolls, shortcakes, donuts, waffles, cupcakes and more.  Salivate and enjoy ladies!

What Coke Can Do To Your Body

Add Milk ~ Seal & Let Sit 6 hrs.
What It Looks Like

Unhealthy Sediment Left

The Coke is so acidic that it denatured the proteins found in the milk, causing this bizarre (and gross-looking) chemical reaction. While this definitely makes you think about what happens when you make yourself a Coke float as a summer day treat, it's also worth remembering that the tissues in your own body are also made up of proteins. Your body probably won't dissolve into a pile of brown mush after one can of soda, but there's no denying that a liquid that has this effect on milk is not anything that needs to be put into your body.  Think twice what you're putting in your body and giving to your children.  The long-term effects can prove fatal.


Losing Weight ~ The Mistakes We Make

Do you keep trying and trying to lose weight and the pounds just won’t vanish? Well, you’re not
alone. According to the Boston Medical Center, there are 45 million other individuals just like you spending $33 billion on products promising to help.

Whatever your weight loss goals may be, you can increase your chances for long-term success, if you follow some simple rules.
  • Don’t let the bathroom scale scare you. Muscle weighs more than fat so, that scale you put all your faith in, does not calculate the difference. Put that scale away! The anxiety it causes isn’t worth psyching yourself out.
  • Diet Soda be gone! It isn’t a health drink or weight loss aid and not yet known to be effective for preventing obesity and related health problems, according to the Mayo Clinic.
  • Work out with a buddy. It’s been proven that people are more successful losing weight when they have someone supporting them, pushing them onward, and looking for the same results.
  • Eat before you sweat. Consuming a high-protein meal prior to your work out will boost your metabolism and calorie burn.
  • Heavy or Light – Bigger weights scare most people from even trying them. That’s a loss, however. Heavier weights at fewer reps will burn more calories.
  • Cardio – Is it enough? Most individuals think a daily cardio workout is all they need to lose weight. Strength training is an important element that will aid in burning fat.
  • Skipping Breakfast – Eating protein first thing in the a.m. will help to curb those cravings that hit you mid-morning. Yogurt, fresh fruit, a protein shake, cottage cheese or scrambled eggs will do the trick.


Healthy Up Your Hair

We spend hundreds of dollars on products that promise to thicken, shine, soften and control our hair.
Good nutrition promotes healthy hair.
Is all of that necessary? Not really. Taking a natural supplement will promote healthy hair as well as following a nutritional diet.

Our bodies require certain vitamins to aid in the growth of strong, flowing locks. Of course, being the creatures of bad habits we sometimes tend to be, does not help either. We all do things that are bad for our hair like not getting it trimmed regularly to deter split ends, over-washing it and stripping it of its’ natural oils, using excessive conditioner that can build up and kill the luster or, overheating it with blowers, irons and straighteners, which will definitely halt growth and leave your mane fried, brittle, dull and lifeless.

Just a mild deficiency in Vitamin C can lead to split ends and not producing the collagen that surrounds our hair, keeping it from producing vibrant, healthy strands. Adding to your diet, once or twice a day, either Brussels Sprouts, papaya, peppers, lemons, oranges or grapefruit, will help.

Zinc regulates the hormone that also enhances growth and improves the overall health of your scalp. Clams, oysters, lentils, peanut butter, cheese, nuts and seeds are great options.

Folate and iron creates red blood cells that are essential for carrying oxygen throughout the body and a very important nutrient for your hair. Adding foods like spinach, asparagus, broccoli and garbanzo beans are great sources for both.

Biotin increases hair growth and improves the overall health of your scalp. Eating foods enriched with biotin like eggs, salmon and peanuts will aid in fostering hair growth.

What if you could get a grocery cart full of all the whole foods you need but don’t like to eat in a glass?

Manna 360 nutrition shakes not only will keep your hair healthy, but everything else straight down to your toes, and it tastes delicious too.


What You Need to Know Before Buying a Home

Find a realtor you can trust

The thought of purchasing a home can be a pretty scary leap of faith in light of what's been happening over the past five years to our economy.  Before venturing down that road, make sure one of the people you need to trust to help you with the biggest purchase you'll ever make in your life, is worthy of your business ... and that is your realtor.

According to the latest S&P home price survey, this spring may prove to be a seller's market.  While most real estate agents are down-home folk like you and I, there may be some who view "lookers" as their next  "cash cow."

Please know, I'm not saying Realtors are a distrusting lot ... in my ten years working as a Mortgage Originator, I proudly networked with the best in the industry, who went above and beyond for my clients.  But sadly, I also locked horns with a few who were in it for all the wrong reasons and would do anything for a listing and a sale.  

There is an awesome article I came across that shares 10 things your realtor won't tell you that you should read before looking for a home.  Education is power and it certainly doesn't hurt to know the ins-and-out of any game.