Are You Always Short of Money?

Does it seem like you're always short of money? Could you use a little extra at the end of the month? Who doesn't these days, right? Anybody who has come away from a grocery store lately knows that prices are on a rise, while the volume of what we receive lessens.   When it comes to money nowadays, there never seems to be enough to go around. 

How about a second (or third) job?

Not too long ago, one could fix the problem of extra cash merely by working an extra job. Today, there are a multitude of companies cutting back on hours to avoid mandates under the new health laws. That means families are already working at least one part-time job and possibly needing another just to stay afloat.

What if there are no part-time jobs out there to be found?

For years, when cash was scarce, folks were able to “go in business for themselves”. They’d come up with an idea, a product, a service, and set about making it happen.  These days, with increasing regulations, fees, licenses, inspections, environmental impact studies, etc., there doesn’t seem to be an end to the red tape and roadblocks ... that is too, IF they can find the money to get off the ground in the first place.

Is there an option?

Despite what's happening to the economy, there is an industry that has become a haven for those needing additional cash flow. Not only has it provided the necessary funds for families in crises, it has consistently led to the creation of more millionaires than any other segment of the marketplace. It’s been known by a number of names, but these days it is best referred to as “social marketing”.

What exactly is “social marketing”?

The most powerful influence in getting someone to try something new based on the recommendation of a friend is the answer.  It's something we all do almost instinctively. From the restaurants we frequent, to the movies we watch, the products we buy, and the services we use, we can’t seem to stop talking about those experiences with others. Social marketing capitalizes on that tendency by paying us for our recommendations.

Why is it so attractive?

The reasons are pretty unique.
  • Little or modest cash is needed to get started. Compared to what a typical business would cost to get started, it can be a “steal”.
  • You won’t have to do it alone. There are many reputable companies that provide materials, training, and mentoring. The better and more established the company is, the more “turnkey” your business will be.
  • You're your own boss.  Your time is yours as is the effort you devote to prosper your business. There is no clock to punch when you work from home.
  • It's up to you how big to grow and where you can take it. 
  • There is a great opportunity for financial freedom sooner and faster than any conventional job.
  • It provides "residual income" whereby once the basic work is done you get paid repeatedly over and over again.
Picking the right company is important.

Picking the right company with the right products or services will make a big difference in people’s lives.  You have to consider at what price you can afford to get started.  Once you decide, the rest is fairly simply.  What benefits are important to you and what industry would you like to work in?  A big advantage these days is that the better companies do not expect you to buy or pay for products/services before you sell them. Instead, they pay a commission on products/services people purchase (often online) because you have recommended them. Those companies also typically furnish you with your own website as part of your agreement with them.

Don't let others sway your decision.

Like everything else, those who don't understand or afraid to try what you may be thinking of, may try to convince you that you're making a bad decision.  Do your research.  Every good company has a few bad apples in their midst, but it doesn't mean what they offer as a product or service is not phenomenal and worthy of your attention.   That’s nothing new.

Don’t allow someone’s questionable behavior rob you of the chance to better provide for yourself and your family. There are quack doctors out there, but that doesn't keep us from seeking medical attention when we need it.  There are bad reviews on restaurants, but they necessarily don't stop us from trying them.  People with character and determination will always rise above any negativity and thrive.

The bottom line is, if you need some extra cash, check out what social marketing is all about and what an awesome product could do for you.